Grimshaw & Associates is located in Austin, Texas, where Dr. Grimshaw maintains affiliation with The University of Texas at Austin. Contact information is as follows:


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Thomas Grimshaw, Ph.D.

G&A seeks to be readily available to provide support to clients with minimal administrative requirements. Dr. Grimshaw is highly experienced in providing senior consulting services. These services normally take place as well-defined projects with respect to scope, schedule and terms of compensation. G&A has nominal terms for a consulting agreement, but client terms are also acceptable in most cases. The suggested terms and associated rates are available upon request. G&A has an IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN).
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G&A was formed by Dr. Thomas W. Grimshaw to offer consulting services to clients who are addressing issues at the nexus of energy development and environmental protection. Particular emphasis is on emerging energy resources, such as shale gas and oil, and technologies – cold fusion in particular.

Dr. Grimshaw seeks to draw upon his extensive experience both in the technical aspects of energy and the environment and in effective delivery of services through corollary experience in project management and organization development. He has worked effectively and developed solutions in the energy and environment areas within the context of many different types of organizations and project situations.

Dr. Grimshaw began his professional career with an undergraduate degree in geological engineering and a masters degree in geology. He served for two years in the U.S. Army, where he attained the rank of captain and conducted research into helicopter-transportable water well drilling equipment (for water supply for troops in combat conditions). He then returned to graduate school for a Ph.D. in geology.

After receiving the Ph.D., Dr. Grimshaw worked for many years in the area of environmental protection and cleanup, both in technical services (geology, groundwater hydrology, environmental geology) and in project and organization management. During this timeframe, he managed projects and organizations for several of the foremost environmental consulting firms in the U.S., including Radian, International Technology, Shaw, and RMT. Much of his environmental experience was for energy-related facilities, such as coal mines, oilfields, refineries, pipelines, power generating stations, and petrochemical plants.

During his years with environmental consulting firms, Dr. Grimshaw extended his organization and project management interests into profit center management, systems development and implementation, program development (securing projects from clients), organization development, and international consulting. He also served as Associate Director for Environmental Programs at the Bureau of Economic Geology, the Texas state geological survey and second largest research unit at The University of Texas at Austin.

In recent years, Dr. Grimshaw shifted his career from environmental protection, compliance, and cleanup services to energy policy formulation and analysis. In this transition he changed his affiliations from major environmental service organizations to university-based energy policy entities – the LBJ School of Public Affairs, the Energy Institute, and the Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy, all at The University of Texas at Austin (UT). This transition began with a masters degree at the LBJ School and continued with adjunct faculty and research fellow assignments at the LBJ School and other UT organizations.

Dr. Grimshaw is managing three Energy Institute projects involving shale gas and oil as well as other unconventional hydrocarbon resources, including oil sands, coalbed methane, oil shale, and methane hydrate. These projects are addressing resource availability, water requirements, capital needs and investment strategies, development technologies, and total energy balance of unconventional oil and gas resources.

 Dr. Grimshaw’s interest in cold fusion began in about 2005 with preparation of an LBJ School Conference Course paper, which later evolved – with additional research – into a Professional Report on energy policy approaches to cold fusion development. He is currently managing and performing a project for a major corporate client on the topic of verification of cold fusion phenomena using a particular experimental approached based on nickel-hydrogen reactions.

Dr. Grimshaw plans to continue providing consulting support to clients who are seeking solutions in the areas of emerging energy technologies (such as cold fusion) and resources, particularly shale gas and oil. He is particularly interested in developing effective public policies toward cold fusion, both in support of its development for the public welfare benefit and in dealing with secondary impacts – and unintended consequences – when (or if) its potential as a major source of clean and inexpensive energy is realized.