The world’s growing population and increasingly technological societies require massive amounts of energy. These energy requirements must be met while sustaining the natural environment for current and future generations. Sound public policies based on good science are essential to simultaneously meet energy needs and protect the environment.
G&A energy-related services are primarily in the areas of public policy and emerging energy technologies and resources. Emerging technologies, such as cold fusion, and unconventional resources – for example, shale gas and oil, are emphasized. Although many G&A services involve the energy/environment nexus, such as developing strategies for environmentally secure energy resource utilization, other types of client assistance are also provided, such as energy technology evaluations.
Recent emphasis at G&A has been placed on public policy development toward cold fusion, a highly controversial but potentially transformational source of energy. Rational public policy is needed not only for support for cold fusion development for its public welfare benefit, but also for dealing with secondary impacts when (or if) it becomes widely deployed. More information on G&A’s cold fusion services is presented on a separate webpage.
Like other G&A services, energy related assistance to clients is provided in the form of projects, with emphasis on effective management of scope, budget and schedule.
Recent examples of energy policy and related projects are shown below.

  • Rational Regulation for Environmental Protection in Shale Gas Development
  • Case Study of the Barnett Shale for Effective Management of Shale Gas Development Issues
  • Verification of Cold Fusion Demonstrations by Investigators at Italy’s National Institute for Nuclear Physics
  • Assessment of the Outlook for Unconventional Natural Gas and Oil Resources, including Coalbed Methane, Shale Gas and Oil, Oil Sands, Oil Shale, and Methane Hydrate
  • Initiative for Cold Fusion Public Policy Development at the Center for International Energy & Environmental Policy, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Policy Research Projects for Emerging Energy Technologies at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, The University of Texas at Austin

Whether the issue is protection of the environment in energy resource development or rational policy development for emerging sources of energy, G&A provides effective consulting support for many types of clients.