The growing world population, coupled with increasing urbanization and technological advances, have resulted in ever greater pressure on the natural environmental systems of the world. Much of this impact is directly or indirectly related to ensuring adequate energy supplies. G&A offers a broad range of environmental services, with emphasis on energy resource development in an ecologically secure manner.
Dr. Grimshaw, G&A President, has enjoyed a long and varied career providing environmental protection and cleanup services, mostly with major consulting firms, before shifting emphasis to energy policy. He has performed many types of environmental services, including:

  • Baseline environmental studies that encompass the natural and cultural features of proposed sites for new energy and other operations
  • Impact assessment and mitigative measure development for identified adverse effects of proposed coal mines, power plants, and other energy facilities
  • Preparation of Environmental Assessment (EA) reports as input to EIS preparation by federal agencies for NEPA compliance
  • Definition of environmental compliance and permitting requirements as input to decisions on proposed major new energy facilities
  • Remedial investigation and cleanup of solid and hazardous waste sites and other sources of environmental releases such as tank farms and gas stations
  • Public information support for proposed large new energy and other facilities

Currently G&A focuses on emerging energy technologies and resources – and ensuring appropriate care for the environment as they are developed and deployed. Example projects demonstrating G&A versatility are shown below.

  • Project Management for Emerging Energy Resources Projects (Shale Gas, Shale Oil, Coalbed Methane, Oil Sands, and Methane Hydrate)
  • Project Plan for Public Communications for the BP Deepwater Horizon Response Program
  • Project Plan for Assessment and Cleanup of Communities and Homesites near Former Copper Smelter Sites at Several U.S. Locations for Freeport-McMoran
  • Senior Advisor Support for Environmental Protection for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Presidency of Meteorology and the Environment
  • Program Plan for Environmental Compliance and Permitting Actions for Communications Facilities throughout the U.S. (Largest Communications Company in the U.S.)

Delivery of environmental services is assured by Dr. Grimshaw’ long experience in managing projects and organizations whose purpose was to provide effective solutions to a variety of energy and other clients.