G&A provides services to solve problems primarily at the intersection of energy supply and environmental protection. Consulting services are offered in a context of in-depth experience in organization and project management, assuring effective performance of services for a variety of clients and in many different situations. Alternatives and recommendations are developed with a focus on the facts – evidence-based consulting.

Energy Policy

Energy-related services are primarily in the areas of public policy, emerging technologies, and unconventional resources, such as shale gas and oil, which are radically changing the energy supply picture of the world. An area of particular interest is cold fusion, as described below.

Many G&A services help ensure adequate supplies of energy while providing protection of the environment. Other types of client support are also provided, such as energy technology evaluations and assessment of the outlook for potential new supplies. G&A assists clients whether an issue involves development of policies for support of emerging sources or for rational regulation for environmental protection.


Cold Fusion Consulting

Cold fusion was announced in 1989 as both a radical new scientific discovery and a potentially unlimited source of cheap energy. Although it was quickly rejected and has been held in disrepute since cold fusion has continued to be investigated – mostly outside conventional science – and has been found to be a real phenomenon that could live up to its original promise.

G&A seeks to be at the forefront of cold fusion investigation and development. Evidence-based approaches are used to develop rational public policies for cold fusion support in the public interest. Technology assessment methodologies are employed to plan for dealing with its secondary impacts in the event that cold fusion becomes widely deployed. Additional services are provided to ensure a fully scientific approach in conducting cold fusion experiments.


Environmental Protection

G&A environmental services are primarily focused on ensuring energy supplies while providing adequate care for air, water, and land resources. Before shifting his professional interests to energy policy and emerging technologies, Dr. Grimshaw enjoyed a long and varied career in environmental services, mostly for large consulting firms. Consequently, he has performed a large variety of environmental services, including baseline environmental studies, impact assessments, mitigative measures definition, remedial investigations of waste sites, and public information support for new energy facilities.
G&A services are provided for many types of energy-related environmental concerns. Examples include rational regulation of new or emerging sources, policy development for new and environmentally benign technologies (such as cold fusion), and assessment of the prospects of new sources based on their relative environmental impact.


Project Management

Most G&A services are provided as projects performed for clients to address issues and solve problems. Dr. Grimshaw, G&A President, has managed many projects involving a large variety of topics, particularly environmental issues related to energy resources and facilities. Accepted project management methods are employed to meet client needs – on schedule and within budget.


Organization Development

Successful consulting for a variety of clients requires the ability to quickly understand organizations and their culture. Dr. Grimshaw has broad experience in managing many types of organizations successfully, which enables G&A to rapidly adapt to client situations and provide effective solutions early in the consulting relationship. He has sought to improve and develop every organization for which he has had management responsibility. A proven track record of organization management and development helps ensure that Dr. Grimshaw will be able to work well with almost any type of client.



G&A provides effective consulting services in many areas and topics at the intersection of energy supply and environmental protection. Emphasis is currently placed on cold fusion, a clean and inexpensive – but highly controversial – potential source of energy in the future. Dr. Grimshaw’s broad experience in project management and organization development ensures effective delivery of services to solve challenging problems at the energy/environment interface.