Successful consulting on diverse topics for a variety of clients requires the ability of G&A to quickly understand organizations – and their structures and functions. All organizations dealing with energy and environmental topics have a culture that must be appreciated when providing services and solving problems. Working with individuals within organizations is greatly enhanced by G&A’s broad experience in managing and developing organizations.

Dr. Grimshaw has sought to improve and develop every organization for which he had management responsibility. High priority is placed by G&A on understanding client organizations as quickly as possible in order to provide effective solutions early in the consulting relationship. He has been successful in:

  • Developing operations plans with specifics on purpose, functions, and organization for clear communication to staff
  • Using participatory management techniques to achieve optimal organization decisions, ensure buy-in, and promote a teamwork ethic
  • Preparing business plans that clearly identify services offered, target clients, methods of performance (project management), financial parameters (budgets), and manager responsibilities
  • Managing profit centers for all operational parameters – project performance, client communications, business development, hiring and staff development, and financial management
  • Serving as internal senior organization development consultant to managers for preparing operations and business development plans

The following examples are presented as a demonstration of his organization management versatility.

  • Manager of Texas Operations (Three Offices), RMT Corporation (Environmental Consulting)
  • Director of Administrative Services, Shaw Beneco, Inc. (Vertical Construction)
  • Associate Director for Environmental Programs, Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin (Academic Research)
  • Profit Center Manager, Austin Operations, International Technology Corporation (Environmental Consulting and Cleanup Services)
  • Manager, Policy and Environmental Division, Radian Corporation (Multidisciplinary Services for Environmental Compliance and Policy Development)

Dr. Grimshaw has managed many types of organizations under highly varied circumstances, which enables G&A to work well with almost any type of client.